I promise you, however dark and scary the world might be right now... there will be light. There will be light, Bruce.
Dt. James Gordon





Bewertung & Episodenguide:

Staffel 1

1.01 Pilot
1.02 Selina Kyle
1.03 The Balloonman
1.04 Arkham
1.05 Viper
1.06 Spirit of the Goat
1.07 Penguin´s Umbrella
1.08 The Mask
1.09 Harvey Dent
1.10 LoveCraft
1.11 Rogues‘ Gallery
1.12 What the Little Bird Told Him
1.13 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
1.14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane
1.15 The Scarecrow
1.16 The Blind Fortune Teller
1.17 Red Hood
1.18 Everyone Has a Coblepot
1.19 Beasts of Prey
1.20 Under the Knife
1.21 The Anvil or the Hammer
1.22 All Happy Families are Alike

Staffel 2

2.01 Damned If You Do
2.02 Knock, Knock
2.03 The Last Laugh
2.04 Strike Force
2.05 Scarification
2.06 By Fire
2.07 Mommy´s Little Monster
2.08 Tonight´s the Night
2.09 Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow


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